You’re Beautiful

I have something to tell you.

Just listen.

You are a beautiful person.

I know that in this society, we’re not supposed to be corny, we’re not supposed to say something like that.

But just listen.

You are beautiful.

You are shimmering and splendid and all those other adjectives.

You deserve everything you’re given and more.

You’re special, unique, one in an infinity.

There are a lot of people that will look at the things you do, the life you lead, and they’ll criticize, they’ll tell you you’re all wrong.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe you’re wrong.


But you’re still beautiful. Still unique. Still shimmering.

It’s interesting if you think about it, because we live in a country and world that’s increasingly becoming more liberal, more accepting in a sense.

And yet we seem to only get meaner to each other.

Attacking online, protesting on the ground, writing angry comments, bullying.

There’s so much anger, so much conflict, whether we are liberal, conservative, or just observing.

And so sometimes you just need to remember.

You’re beautiful.