10 Special Photographs Of Hasidic Jews

The media likes to call ’em “ultra-orthodox”.  Others like to call them crazy.  Some people try to put them in a box and call them the Jews who refuse to serve in the IDF.

Everyone seems to have their own views of the way we should interpret lives of Hasidic Jews, and, often, all we see is the most extreme examples of these people because that’s what gets hits and attention and continues to perpetuate stereotypes.

This image post is more about showing subtle moments in the lives of Hasidic Jews.  As one of the most diverse group of Jews, they deserve to be shown in a more complex light.

1. Mitzvah Tantz At Hasidic Wedding


This image is actually from an amazing series in the Daily Mail, which is full of more beautiful photographs.  Definitely check it out.

2. Hasidic Welder In Israel, 1952


Taken by the great photographer, David Seymour aka “Chim”, this photograph beautifully depicts the eclectic nature of the populace of Israel, especially around the time of its founding.

3. Instagrammed Hasidic Boy


Speaking of the eclectic nature of Israel, this photo, by Chana Blumes, one of my favorite Jewish photographers, just so beautifully depicts Jerusalem, and especially Nachlaot, in all its diverse glory.

4. Father And Children Gather Palm Fronds For Sukkot


5. Hasidic Couple Teaches Yoga

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These two special Breslov folks were featured in Haaretz for bringing Yoga to their Hasidic community in Ramat Beit Shemesh.  This photograph is just too awesome for words.

6. Burning Chametz/Being Cool

An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish boy walks by a fire burning leavened products before the start of the Jewish holiday Passover in Jerusalem

7. Hasidic Girls Being Even Cooler


If you’ve never heard of Humans of New York, a popular photo blog and Facebook page, you should really check this guy out.  He does portraits of people all over NYC, and seems to have a particular fondness for Hasidic Jews.  This is probably my favorite image, depicting three Hasidic ladies he ran into who were dancing down the street.

8. An Elder Of The Village, circa 1935 – 1938


This powerful image of a “village elder” was taken by the great photographer, Roman Vishniac, who is known, among other things, for his powerful depictions of pre-Holocaust shtetl life.  Some of his images are really beautiful, and highly recommend checking him out.

9. Waiting For The Train


This isn’t necessarily the most professional image here, but there’s something about this image that so perfectly depicts the life of some Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn.  Half in, and half out of the world around them.  Source.

10. A Funeral

887404_10150289592799999_1647729390_o (1)

This deeply moving image has circulated quite a bit since the tragic deaths of Nachum and Raizy Glauber, who were killed by a drunk driver in New York City on March 3rd.  This photograph is of their funeral.  A very special and moving letter written by Nachum to his parents shortly before he was married has been spread around recently, and just so beautifully depicts the special souls who left this world.

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12 responses to “10 Special Photographs Of Hasidic Jews”

  1. Eliezer Abrahamson Avatar

    Are you sure the fellow in the second picture is a chassid? He looks more like a Teimani to me.

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      Good question. I was going by the peyos.

    2. Sharon Cohen Avatar

      And a Teimani can’t be a Chassid?

      1. Eliezer Abrahamson Avatar

        Sure, but most aren’t (especially in 1952). Anyone can be a chassid, including clean-shaven fellows without long peyos. If the only evidence that this fellow is a chassid is his appearance, then his appearance is that of a religious Teimani. (Teimanim have always grown long peyos.) There is no reason to assume that a Teimani is a chassid.

  2. Dashiell Rose Bark-Huss Avatar

    coool. love the yoga picture and the funeral

  3. BirdieWaters Avatar

    The Breslov yogis were my favorite! I also liked the composition of the subway pic. Lovely.

  4. Pinchos Woolstone Avatar

    the yoga pic is remarkable as well as the wedding photo

  5. […] 10 Special Photographs Of Hasidic Jews […]

  6. […] 10 Special Photographs Of Hasidic Jews […]

  7. Hezbos InYour Backyard Avatar
    Hezbos InYour Backyard

    Nice composition.

  8. Double D Avatar
    Double D

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