The Best Of Pop Chassid

There’s no “About Page” for this blog.  Because it would be ridiculous to try to sum up Pop Chassid or myself in two paragraphs.

No, the best way to get to know what this blog is about is simple: read it.

But now that it’s grown and the content has increased, I’ve had to organize it.

So, below you will find the posts I personally consider my “best”.  Not best in some objective sense, or even popular, but based on what I personally consider to be the best posts according to specific themes I take on here.

Best Stories-About-My-Life Posts

These are my favorite posts to write and share.  They’re stories from my life, usually accompanied by the lessons I learned from my experiences.

I Didn’t Love My Wife When We Got Married

My Daughter And The Bully

The Man Who Demanded I Let Him Into My Home

That Time I Died

The Summer I Was Muslim

How I Learned To Embrace Death And Moshiach

Me, My Wife, And Pushing People Into Trains

Why A Jew Won’t Find Truth In India

The Man In A Skirt Who Convinced Me To Be A Proud Jew

Best Image Posts

These are by far my most popular posts.  Like lots of other blogs, I collect images from around the web and put them into lists.  But I try and do a bit more with them, because I’m not so into just slapping up a bunch of pics.  Each one is an attempt to change the way people look at the world in some way, with descriptions provided for each image.  I hope you enjoy them if you haven’t seen them yet.

20 Photos That Change The Holocaust Narrative

10 Photos To Remind You That Jews Don’t Fit Into A Stereotype And Never Have

10 Photos Of Jewish Women Being Awesome

The Universe Is Huge And You Are Small

10 Photos To Remind You That Jews Are Strong

Best Posts About Creativity

I like to write about writing.  And creativity.  Here are a few of my better posts on the subject.

Dear World, Please Stop Killing The Sweet People

This Is All An Act

My Name Is Elad And I’m An Enthusiastic Blogger

A Message To Artists and the followup post: The Real Reason I Destroy My Writing

Calling All Creators

Best Posts For Baal Teshuvas

Anyone that’s read enough of this blog knows that I grew up secular but decided to become a Hasidic Jew later in life.  Jews who go from secular to orthodox are often referred to as “baal teshuvas”.  I’ve written a few posts for that audience specifically, as well as an ebook.  If you’re becoming religious, or just thinking about it, you may enjoy them 🙂

Doubt Isn’t What We Think It Is

It’s A Baal Teshuva’s Job To Rebel Against The Orthodox World

I Don’t Want Your Culture! I Want G-d!

Why I Need The Rebbe

Why Jewish Artists Need To Rebel Against “Holiness”

Baal Teshuvas: This Is YOUR Journey

Why Baal Teshuvas Need To Make Art

Baal Teshuvas And The “Happy Ending” Myth

Best Posts About The Jewish World

Apparently, this blog is a bit Jewish-themed.  So here are some blog posts that deal specifically with the Jewish world.

Dear Israel: I Love You, But I’m Losing You

The Day The Rebbe Spoke To Me

Why Are We Afraid Of Talking About G-d?

The Cowards Of The Jewish Blogosphere

Why The Religious Need To Stop Fighting Gay Marriage

The Advantage Of Not Knowing The Rebbe

The Jewish Popularity Contest

On Respecting Chaya (And All Baal Teshuvas)

Matisyahu’s Public Transformation: What The World Doesn’t Understand (Huffington Post)

A Chance For Dialogue (Also about Matisyahu: Jerusalem Post)


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