The Universe is Huge And You Are Small (And What That Means)

Sometimes I think about the universe… they say that it’s so big we can’t really measure it. The part we can see has a radius of 47 billion light years.


And I think about how in this universe, there are supposedly at least 100 million galaxies.

And I can’t help but think to myself, “Wow. We live in just one of those galaxies.”


But then I remember how even in this galaxy, our constellation, our sun, is just one speck inside the huge dust of it all. In fact, there are 300 billion other stars in our tiny corner of space.


And as I think about how our solar system is so tiny compared to the Milky Way, I can’t help but realize that our earth is just a tiny speck in relation even to that sun, which is just a speck in the galaxy, which is just a speck in the universe.


And even so, even after all that, I can’t help but think just how huge the earth seems in comparison to me. And how wondrous.

Earth, the universe, stars, 435


Clouds-at-mountain-top-sky-wallpapers (1)

And after all that, I start to think about what’s on this earth. All the varieties of animals, and how even if we’re just counting ants, there are 10 quadrillion walking around.


And how there are 5,702 species of mammals…

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And I realize how within all those huge numbers are us humans. A ridiculously low number relative to all the ants and mammals. And even more ridiculous if we are compared to the universe and the galaxy and the sun.


When I was young, I used to get to this point and stop. I would realize how small we are, how pathetically tiny, relative to it the quadrillion ants and the trillions of galaxies and all that… and there wasn’t much more to say.

Most of us live our lives trying not to think about this tininess. It’s uncomfortable to remind ourselves of all this.

But, recently, I’ve been thinking about it more. And I think… this is the thing: we’re missing a huge element of all this. A part of the equation isn’t being taken into account.

Like what?

Well, let’s start with looking at all the things humanity has created.

From art:


To literature:

anna karenina2

To beautiful buildings:


But all that, all that is just a beginning. Because we don’t just create. We also seek to understand. We’re driven to understand. To dig deeper.

From exploring the very space that scares us so much:


To delving into the atoms themselves and beyond:


All that, all that is a sign: a sign of something more going on. That you can’t just look at us as material beings, that live in a material universe (there’s a song about that, right?). No, we’re something more.

Because all of that art, and all of that science, and every other creative and intellectual pursuit we undertake… it’s all a reflection of something deeper going on.

What’s that deeper thing? What’s going on beneath it all?

Self awareness.

It’s what takes us from creativity and intellectuality… to spirituality.

Because inside us all, we’re aware. Aware that our thoughts and our art and all that, it’s a part of something deep. Beyond the materiality. Beyond the numbers.

And that’s why we’re willing to fight and die, destroy our own materiality, for something deeper:



It’s why we are willing to sacrifice our own material security to create new life:


It’s why we meditate, pray, dream of a better world:




Because we know that time and space are one thing. But souls are something else. And when we erase “soul” from the equation of the universe, we’re essentially cutting ourselves out.

When we cut out souls from the cosmic equation, then we lose the most important truth of all when we realize how small we are.

We forget that it’s not that we’re small. It’s that we’re actually big. Huge.

Out of the quadrillions of animals and organisms on this planet, we’re the only ones with this awareness. This awareness that allows us to create and understand, and ultimately connect to something higher.


Out of the light years and light years of the universe, even if there are others like us, we’re still a rare breed. We’re the only things created with this awareness. With this specific kind of soul that encourages us to delve deep. Even out of all those stars and galaxies, there’s still an insane amount of darkness. To then possess a soul that not just lives in a world radiated by a star, but also to be able to reflect that very light and use it, and make things with it, and use it to help us understand it all…

That’s singularly unique.


So, when you take into account our own awareness, our own souls, and realize how insanely unique they are relative to the immensity of the universe… when you rip apart all the materiality and see our inherent spirituality…

Then you realize we’re not one of the same out of a vast sea of uniformity.

Nope, we’re more like lottery winners. Lottery winners that have won a contest with impossibly low odds. Like as if someone on earth won a billion lottery contests in a row. Literally. That’s how lucky we are.

We’re like the celebrities of the universe. We stand out, above the crowd, so totally more impressive than everything, so unique, so beyond, so special…


… that we have no choice but to accept that none of this is a coincidence. That this isn’t about math or chance or being lucky, or lotteries. No.

This is about something more. Something deeper. Something that was meant to be.

And that “something” we call G-d.





42 responses to “The Universe is Huge And You Are Small (And What That Means)”

  1. RochZim Avatar

    Wow! Very Powerful!

  2. Rivki Silver Avatar

    Beautiful. Really well done. Thank you.

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  4. MochinRechavim Avatar

    Amazing article. I stumbled upon this website a year or so ago and it really humbles you in the same respect. Check it out.

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  6. Thoughts Attract Avatar
    Thoughts Attract

    Wow we should all be amazed to live at this time … Here.
    At a random time in the history of the universe .. On a random plant,
    at the outskirts of a random galaxy. Where “we can seek to understand and driven to understand.
    To dig deeper.” Like You Said in the article. In the fact I loved the article so much that when I now look up into the stars in the night sky, I think about it a lot differently than did before I read this article because you gave me a immense interest about the immense universe, but I should and we should not forget to look within ourselves. And you dig deep into the ” Real You “that is far greater than the universe.
    “This is something more. Something deeper. Something that was meant to be. And that ” something” we call G-D

  7. Aaron Gentry Avatar
    Aaron Gentry

    “We stand out, above the crowd, so totally more impressive than everything, so unique, so beyond, so special… ” I believe this is human conceit speaking. I disagree with this statement in that we are surely not the measure of all things; God knows. As far as our PLANET goes, then certainly, we are at the top of the food chain. Of course, if you mean that humans are special in relation to the universe, who can say? The universe is an unimaginably, inconceivably, vast place. Who is to say humans didn’t evolve elsewhere? I concede it’s a one in a million chance, but so is a universe supportive of live. If human beings exist elsewhere in the Cosmos, then would that make us less special? I certainly wouldn’t call us as a species as more impressive than anything. I would call us a good species with bad traits. We are warlike. No other species on Earth kills its own kind over ideological or religious beliefs. And that’s just one example. However I will say that to be alive on this little blue-white-green dot to experience, EXPERIENCE, all of this – and by that I mean not just the Earth itself, but the mind-blowing Cosmos of which we are all a part- truly is something else. Call it miraculous, if you like. I think of it as the universe trying to know, to discover, itself

    1. John Morgan Avatar
      John Morgan

      I agree with the conceit part. Humans are pretty goddamned despicable, so you’re painting a slanty picture. Sry. Ya gotta convince everyone to stop destroying animals, habitats, and themselves, then we maybe have a chance for being super duper extra special. Til then I think we are literally psychotic apes who fool ourselves into thinking we shouldn’t be humble by knowing what we know. It’s impressive, but only because you’re a human. We are animals too.

  8. Osmani Bachir Avatar
    Osmani Bachir

    beauutiful thanks for this pic

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  10. Peter Halupka Avatar
    Peter Halupka

    Did you have to say god?

  11. Ananya Banerjee Avatar
    Ananya Banerjee

    Never expected to type in a few random keywords on Google and find the exact sentiment and thought I’d been hoping for. Also, I had such similar feelings when I watched Interstellar. 🙂

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      So cool! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  13. disqus_1S1GyNUnq5 Avatar

    you lost me at “god” there

    1. Erdman West Avatar
      Erdman West

      In my system God is a word the Infinite existence not a word for a being or entity.

  14. IrrationalNumber Avatar

    Yawn. More endless human ego, endlessly jerking itself off.

  15. Alexandre Tielemans Avatar
    Alexandre Tielemans

    I’m so impressed. Can I asking a permission for translate it to my language and upload it somewhere?
    And I’ll be sure leaving a link to here

  16. Jenastics Avatar

    do you mind if I used some of the stuff said in this for a short film? ill give credit

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      Sure! I’d love to see it when it’s done.

  17. Dz Eduardo Avatar
    Dz Eduardo

    Why not just spell out God? Did you leave that one letter out so you won’t offend anyone? It got me though…I thought the whole article was a scientific approach but it turned out to be spiritual with that last word…hmm I guess that was the whole point…great job though…very powerful indeed

  18. Hughie Blair Avatar
    Hughie Blair

    how do you know that ants are not having deep spiritual conversation with each other? good article though for all we know stars and galaxies are chatting to each other

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  20. Minhaj Tanweer Avatar
    Minhaj Tanweer

    Hi Elad I want to ask permission to make an inspirational video from this article, I will give you credit.

  21. Erdman West Avatar
    Erdman West


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