Antisemitism Exists

We live in a world that is, thank G-d, very comfortable for Jews. Most of us are safe and hidden from any hate we may have experienced in past generations.

But that safeness, that hiddenness, has fooled some of us, and others, into believing that antisemitism no longer exists. That people don’t hate Jews and wish they were all wiped out.

I’m sick of this lie being floated around.

I’m sick of people perpetuating it.

I’m sick of other Jews watering down the power of the word because they accuse everyone of being antisemitic.

I’m sick of the fact that if anyone wants to talk about this now, they are called reactionary.

I’m sick of not being able to call anti-zionists antisemites because people are too afraid to admit what is in front of their eyes.

I’m sick of being quieted because Jews have it easier now than they did before.

Just Google the words “Jews are evil” or any other similar antisemitic trope, and see just how deep and far the network of these people is.  Did you know that the results for the word “Jew” led to the only time Google ever had to explain a word’s results to its users?

These people exist. They are out there. And they want each one of us to die.

No other group of people in the world is demonized so widely and attacked so viciously.

I’m sick of hiding from it, and I’m sick of others telling me we should hide from it.

It was recently discovered that Germany had more death and slave camps than anyone had ever known up until now.

Yet, still, people try and deny that almost an entire country was put to work at rounding up Jews and killing as many of them as possible.

Still, people pretend it’s not possible for this hate to spread if we ignore it.

Still, people spout out platitudes like, “Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it,” and then ignore history. They brush it aside as if it doesn’t exist because they are afraid.  Afraid that evil exists. Afraid that hate is real. Afraid that their illusion of living in a safe, perfect world are a sham.

Meanwhile, in France, Jews have been massacred, and continue to be attacked.  In all of Europe, antisemitism is on the rise.

No one notices, because no one wants to notice.  The media doesn’t report it, and even when they do, no one cares.

The more we hide, the more it spreads.  The more we ignore it, the more it becomes real.

I’m tired of hiding. I’m tired of pretending this doesn’t exist, and that this particular form of hate, of determination to wipe out an entire race, isn’t unique to Jews.

Who’s with me?






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  2. Adam Levick Avatar

    Excellent post. My thanks to Chas for linking to it

  3. chairwoman Avatar

    I am

  4. Rebecca Klempner Avatar
    Rebecca Klempner

    That Google explanation is hair-raising. It also explains how I’ve had people tell me to specifically use the keyword “Jew” when I tag posts.

    What I think is interesting is that several of the incidents I’ve experienced (although not all) might not be labeled by most people as specifically Anti-Semitism, but rather Anti-Zionism or Anti-Chareidi.

    But where do you draw the distinction?

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      I think the distinction is obvious enough when interacting with these people. There’s just this blind hatred that goes beyond a difference in beliefs. Hate is hate, you know? Just because they choose to argue semantics doesn’t mean we have to.

  5. Alexander Kaganovsky Avatar

    It’s too bad to be untrue. We are witnessing new dark ages.

  6. Edge Avatar

    For the little it’s worth, I’m not with you. Anger and resentment towards others is part of your sickness. No amount of your ego will change the world. Accept the fact that you can’t change the world. Accept the fact that you are totally, utterly, and amazingly powerless over people, places and things, and that all the power in the world belongs to Gcd. Scary, hunh? And yet, that is our job as Jews- to remind ourselves and others that there is only One Force in the world. We are Yehudim… that’s right, the people named after the Hebrew word for gratitude. How’s gratitude working out for you? When was the last time you greeted someone with a smile? When was the last time you blessed Gcd for fruit and almost fainted with praise? When was the last time you saw the ocean and blessed Gcd for it and all it contains? Our job in this world is to reveal the Gcdly Force in everything, to illuminate the world and the “70 nations” with the Light of the Infinite One. For that, we can’t be sick and tired; we have to be strong and courageous – Chazak V’Ematz!

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      I wonder why people make comments like this. It always surprises me, because it seems to assume that fighting against antisemitism is mutually exclusive with living a full life. Let me ask you something: how much of this blog is devoted to writing about antisemitism? I’m almost positive this is the only one, although I may be wrong. Point is, this blog is about much more, and to assume that because I want to write about this subject that I am “angry and resentful” and thus “sick”, and that I don’t greet people with smiles, etc etc, is demeaning, offensive, and patronizing, not to mention completely inaccurate.

      Being a Jew, by the way, doesn’t mean accepting that we don’t have power, G-d forbid. I wonder where you got this idea. Every Jew has been given a specific power from Hashem, and it is our job to use that power to the best of our abilities to help raise up the world. We don’t do that by ignoring the darkness, as you seem to be arguing, but by addressing it and transforming it.

      1. Edge Avatar

        Fair enough… I haven’t actually been on this blog too much… I was responding to your one post on “antisemitism” (a misnomer if there ever was one… most semitic people are not even Jewish!!).

        As for the extent of our power, my sources is the introductory prayers of the siddur – “Halo kol hagiburim k’ayin lefanecha”. Obviously humans have certain Gcd given powers, as in, “Aval Anachnu Amecha”… but the point of the prayer, as I understand it, is to humbly remind ourselves of our place, and the tone with which we approach conflict. I mean, how did Yaakov approach Esav? Esav was a much bigger hater than those we deal with now. And there was no anger, no “tire of Esav”… it was as the tradition teaches: prayer, gifts, and preparation.

        1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

          I’m not saying we should always fight, G-d forbid. Just saying that, even if we are aware that G-d is really the one moving and shaking things, that we are the vessels with which he does that.

          You give one example. There are many, many other examples where Jews needed to fight. Hanukkah comes to mind. And that was a fight where we both celebrate that we fought but also recognize that G-d was the real reason we won. The two ideas can and must coexist.

    2. mightymark Avatar

      What you seem to be missing is that there isn’t, so to speak, a level playing field here.

      We live in societies in which authorities, political groups – especially on the left – and the media purport to take the problem of racism very seriously indeed. Yet the antisemitic component of racism (and it is racism) is not taken very seriously, indeed if you look for example, at Steve Bell’s cartoons in “riposte” to the accusations of anti- semitism against an earlier cartoon of his in the “Guardian”, such accusations are seen as fit only for mockery. I think it is inconceivable that racism against any other people would be so treated. That has got to be worrying to say the least.

  7. Tuvia Avatar

    This is a weird post. The rhetoric is pretty heavy handed; over the top. You sound a little like that guy with the little moustache who led a fascist party – like you’re leading some kind of mob, and trying to inflame that mob to do…something? All that parallel construction…

    Anti Semitism is still around (kicking up in France at the moment), but it is way, way less than it was seventy years ago. Now, Jews can and do marry who they want, live in very integrated neighborhoods, and eat in all kinds of restaurants with all kinds of people! Oh wait…that’s bad!

    If you want to find people who are astonished and horrified at racism, anti-semitism, homophobia – you can find them in huge numbers on any decent liberal arts college in the country. Whatever slight stereotypes they hold, it is NOTHING compared to what went on decades ago. NOTHING.

    Now, you want to see a racist? A homophobe? A hater of the values and “decadence” of (secular) Jews?

    Try the frum world!

    In sum: way too over the top, and in a way, doing what we accuse racists of doing: painting an alarmist picture with a broad brush.


    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar


      You’re right that things aren’t the same. I acknowledge that in this post. I also acknowledge that Jews shouldn’t be reactionary against everything as antisemitism.

      But to completely ignore it is what is bothersome to me, and that seems to be what you are doing. Instead, you, somehow, have managed to transform your argument into being against the frum world.

      So, first to address the ignoring: think what you want, but antisemitism is real and it is increasing. You may be in a comfortable position, but there are many Jews who are not, and that number is steadily rising, especially in places like Europe. People are starting to emigrate from those places.

      Also, you may not be aware, but I wrote a piece a while ago in the Times of Israel about Jews controlling the media, and it got a lot of attention from antisemites. That was part of the impetus I had for writing this piece, although I didn’t mention it. That time was scary for me, and made it very clear to me that this isn’t something that has come even close to disappearing.

      As for your issues with the frum world, I’ve noticed that you clearly have a lot of issues with orthodoxy. I’m guessing, based on your name, that you grew up religious, but I could be wrong. Please tell me if I am. Either way, it seems to me you have a very skewed vision of that world. I am aware of certain groups and people with the views you’ve described, but your depictions are broad and without distinction. The world I’ve chosen to live in, and the people I choose to interact with, don’t act the way you describe. Sure, they’re human, but they’re not zombies or cult members. A big part of this blog is encouraging people to embrace their beliefs on a deep and real level, and integrating it so it doesn’t become brainwashed or meaningless.

      Thanks for the comments.

      1. Tuvia Avatar

        Not born frum.

        I regret saying you will see racists, etc. in the frum world. You will see it sometimes. I’ve seen it. It is a little disturbing, but what can you do? Part of being seriously Jewish is thinking some seriously un-PC things. Sometimes some racism, anti-(secular) Jewish, homophobic sounding stuff, gets in there.

        I would say this: frum folks sometimes say racist things – maybe secular people think things but don’t say them?

        I can be equal opportunity on stuff like that…

        As far as anti-semitism goes – yes, I hear that Europe is heating up. We should all be vigilant. I think Europe is having more the problem of aimless gangs of muslim young men, disaffected. They don’t integrate immigrants there the way we do here. And Jews are (sadly) the natural enemies of these muslims.

        I think maybe that is what you are getting upset over – not the spectre of governments rounding up Jews, or something like that. Although European governments owe it to their Jewish citizens to stop the intimidation in its tracks. They may not do this out of some fear of these same muslim youth. It’s a problem.


        1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

          Yes, I think you’re right about what I meant, and maybe I should have made that clearer. This is more about the existence of antisemitism than about saying we’re living in the ’40’s.

        2. mightymark Avatar

          Sorry, but Jews are not the “natural enemies of Muslims” – why should they be?

          Whether Muslims are the “natural enemies of Jews” I leave for others to discuss.

          Also – you’ll forgive me if I have you wrong here – but you don’t get out of the problem of racism against one people by pointing to racism within that people. Racism is wrong – period.

    2. Hezbos InYourbackyard Avatar

      Tuvia, you’re a well-bred secular Israeli, no doubt. You belong among those Israelis who are dying to be like “the other nations”. As if by mixing with them you can hide your stripes. That you are therefore blind to the rampant antiSemitism, that never diminished, is easily understood. After all, you can’t even see that your liberal colleague hates your guts; Because that’s what he is – a hater! You think like the liberals you mix with, your “illuminated” friends, your collegiate bosom buddies, so your powers of discernment will always fail you.

      Need proof of YOUR hatred. Just see your conclusion: “try the frum world!”

      The word racist is probably your favorite word. That you use it arbitrarily, however, you haven’t yet figured out.

      To hate the “frum world” – that’s ok. Homosexuality? Oh no, you can’t be against that. But to hate fellow Jews who instigate the Gentiles to hate them, sure – you have good cause to hate those Jews; That’s ok. Those mindless fellow Jews who just cannot get it through their thick skulls there is no such thing as a God and no such thing as a divine Torah. Only you were spared from becoming a mindless idiot, right.

      When you wake up in the morning you have no one to thank but Nature. But that something exists that created Nature – how absurd an idea.

      You learned a new word in college, did you, “homophobe” – as if being a homosexual is not disgusting. Oh no, it’s beautiful, right. After all, they have a “right”, to that way of life, right. Therefore it is beautiful and anyone who opposes it must be sick.

      Go ahead, let the liberals turn your brain to mush, like the secular left has done all along in our beautiful land of Israel.

  8. Richard Armbach Avatar
    Richard Armbach

    Interesting question I guess those that aren’t with you are against you right ?

  9. evorsx Avatar

    Hmm that claim again that Jews are a race, This is clearly not the case. Jews come in every colour and exhibit every combination of ethnic features. I assume Christians are a race too.

  10. Hezbos InYourbackyard Avatar

    Well said. I only take issue with one minor point you make, namely, “The more we hide, the more it spreads.” I don’t think it make a difference whatsoever. Jew haters fall mostly into the Amalekites and the Yishmael’s. They have their hatred inborn. What the does will not dent his thinking one way or another.

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      I actually disagree with this very strongly. Not to say that many antisemites aren’t naturally full of hate, and/or evil, that would hate Jews no matter what. However, as I’ve demonstrated in other posts ( ), evil and hate have a way of spreading from those who inherently possess it, and who are by far a very small minority, to the outside world. The general world, I would argue, DOESN’T possess this hate, and when we become aware that it is a few people stirring the pot, when we fight against those people in particular, and help shape public opinion, a lot of the hate can be mitigated.

  11. Eli Chaim Avatar
    Eli Chaim

    If we’re going to fight anti-semitism we should remember that Jews aren’t the only semites. Christian Arabs and Muslim Arabs are semites as well, and there is plenty of anti-semitism directed towards them, though it isn’t described as such. A semite is a person of middle eastern descent, with ancestral ties to North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and West Asia. There is inner-semitic fighting, both between Jews and Arabs, Arabs and Arabs, Christian and Arabs, Jews and Jews, etc. If we want security as Jews we need to acknowledge our cousins of the other faith as family members of the greater human pedigree and make peace with them. Both sides need to stop raising their children to hate the other–it’s the only way this will stop.

  12. Arik Katzenberg Avatar

    anti-semitism is so irrational and so pervasive its gotta be a simmon (sign) of something

  13. Mike M Avatar
    Mike M

    Erev Tov Jehudim shel Olam ve gan kol ha olam,
    ani Moishe, was born in CCS, Vzla, grew up S. and N. Amer./S.. Africa/EU/CH/ Berlin based now, 43 yrs old, karit be berlin, ashav -4 C/24F, etmol -18 C/ 0 F…Snow, very much, too much since a week. Ata yodea trivial be ios 7?
    Wann ich dos kind gewen be ccs, schpiln, c’est pas pour moi, jamais, ani korev, ani likro ve , ve kaf gimmel H roìyr lo echsor, ham bahutz, day by day, the snow will defrost , ken , betach! ani gam, I am academic, healthy, non smoking, non alc, b´´´h some tranquiliers under prescription, I take on and off, specially when I am not sleeping alone in my flat, I am unperfectly ok, mens sana corpore sana, ani badad, mispacha sheli mi Schweiz, UK, USA.
    מן לעולם לא לבד ani? ani H ve , ve shteyn, zwei Chaverot bei Germania, hen always busy, almost always B“H ze nachon, très bien pour eux , mais il y a encore kk’un qui perdu, a fait des experiences le 9. Jan , 2014, with some authorities, I can’t rely on, Kehila, transparenz , des affaires corrupt….
    Any suggestions or ideas would be very, very appreciated, pls be anglit, any West. EU ,, bevasha , when possible, bevakasha poss solutions, betach reward olam haze ve automatisch olam haba ’till olam haba, I need/want/have/wish/plea to…I promised myself.. I own it to Savta זייל sheli
    Grosses Yish Koach, Moishe ben Rivka Soro
    I laugh in between, I must! My friends call me Mike, so ani omer ve gan kore
    This is Mike almost live, always life!

  14. Mike M Avatar
    Mike M

    Guys, this is serious, this getting very serious, pls stay calm,
    if u spread it be conscious , wise, rational, calm an the most important
    be aware whom you are telling what , cause like that newest song
    I hear it everywhere…beauty hurts, the truth hurts too, some human beings boruch h` are like this, either some arent even able to digest a bit, cause the past and not only because of, still not sure how to proceed, pls consult your rabbi, your parents or anyone very responsible, straigh thinking and dont forget,
    kol ha olam kulo gesher tzar me`do, v ha ikar lo lefahed klal
    but I still feel some…tears for fear, yep , tears for fear

    Extreme gauche/left small, very small bridge to the exrem droite/right
    c est pure physique, the opposite attracts,
    and pls google his name and the weekly newspaper for academics
    my opinion is the best or one of the best in Europe,
    Mr Yoffe ve gam yaffee meod, has an incredible gen. knowledge, character,
    my mentor, he teachs in the US

  15. jimmyolsenblues Avatar

    I have told no one at work what my religon is, I have someone who has assumed that I am jewish, and he won’t let it go, I know this is going to be a problem coming. I hate most of all judgemental people who don’t get their way. They won’t stop. They won’t leave others alone. The topic of pork came up, I do eat pork, but he went out of his way to tell me about stupid religon is about pork, I said, stop please stop, he knew I was upset. But they automatically assume I am jewish and they won’t let it go. I was barmitzvahed but I don’t celebrate jewish holidays, I didn’t even observe Yom Kippur this year, but this guy born in Iraq is going to be a problem I just feel this stress at work.

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