Crawling Under Your Own Skin

You ever looked under your skin?  Like, peeled away that top layer and gotten down into that gross nitty gritty stuff?

It’s pretty nuts, really, if you think about it.  All of us have been in that biology class, where they would show a body without the skin.  And there in front of us is this bizarre, stretched-back red face and body.  And even though this guy is much more buff than you, you can’t help but marvel.  This is what you are underneath!  Redness, redness all over.

But then you flip the page and you see the next picture.  And now there’s no more red.  It’s just a bunch of organs stuffed in a skeleton.  First of all, gross, especially when you realize where they all lead to.  But even then, you can’t help it.  That’s crazy. You got this body inside with a beating heart.  Go on, feel it right now.  Beating away, like it’s trying to get through all those layers.  And the only way you can think or move or talk or write weird blogs is because you have this pink thing stuck in the thick skull of yours.  Crazy, crazy, crazy.

And then you turn the page again.  And it looks like you tore out those organs from the bones, and all you’re left with is this skeleton, these hard white things that are the whole reason you can even stand up or look the way you do.  The way your face is shaped is totally determined by these simple things.

Have I blown your mind yet?  If not, maybe you don’t have one of those pink things.

We get so used to bodies, don’t we?  We get so used to them that we forget there’s something underneath.  Muscles that move us.  Hearts that sustain us.  Brains that… are us.

The world is a body.  It’s made up of this physical skin.  This physical hiddeness.  And that’s what we’re used to thinking.

It’s only when we start to study the biology of the world that we realize that there’s more hidden underneath.  That there’s a real heart pumping beneath the world that’s keeping it alive.  That there’s a conciousness underneath.

Some people haven’t studied the biology of the world.  They are convinced that the skin is the only layer.  Clearly, these people have never eaten a parfait.

The only good way to live, the only educated way to live, the only way to truly live is to tear open the skin, if at least only in our minds.  Wipe away the layer that hides the truth.  Until we get to the muscle.  The organs.  The bones.  To study each one of those layers until we totally get them, until we feel like we can understand how they work.  Otherwise we’ll never truly understand the skin.

Just like a blanket, the world of physicality hides a deeper truth.  Sometimes, the only way to wake up is to rip off our blanket.







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    “Erybody like parfait!”

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