Dear Dividers: I Have No Time For You

You’re in the comments.  You’re on talking head TV news shows.  You’re in Congress.  You’re protesting.  You’re yelling.

You’re the dividers.

You try to suck out the energy of the people around you.  Your goal isn’t to find answers, but to criticize, to attack, and to malign.

You think your cause is what is big, and that others must subsume themselves to you.  But really, it is your ego that requires others’ minimizing their own.

You are the dividers.

And I have no time for you.

When I write, when I work, when I’m with my family… wherever I am, there you are.  Trying to tell me how to live my life.  Trying to tell others that they are doing things all wrong and that you have things just right.

Whether you’re arguing about small things like sleep-training children, bigger things like vaccines, or the biggest things like the religion you represent (or the religion you’re fighting against), your enemies are not people to you: folks with souls trying to their best to figure out life.  They are fools, idiots who need to be trained to live like you do.  They must be beaten, destroyed, even if only in a verbal assault that you do not hold back on until the other exasperatedly leaves.

And, of course, it always seems that there is something for you to fight about.  Today it will be vaccines.  Tomorrow it will be atheism.  The next day it will be politics.

What matters is that you are dividing.  What matters is that you know right and the others are the fools.

And that is why I, and the rest of the world, have no time for you.

The rest of the world is busy creating.  Busy trying to live a life of meaning.   And while most of us aren’t perfect, aren’t doing things just right, and are most likely just as confused as you, we have realized one essential truth that evades you:

Life is about positive creation.  Not about destroying what we hate.  It is about building up what we love and embracing those around us who do the same.

You, dividers, are the black holes that suck out that positive energy.  You are the opposing forces to the good being done in the world.

And so any time spent talking to you, conversing with you, or trying to convince you to think differently, is a waste of time.  You are so set in believing that angrily blasting those you disagree with is the way to deal with the world that no amount of calm discussion will change anything.

And so we will leave you to fight with the dividers on the other end of the spectrum.  Republican divider?  Go fight with the Democrat dividers.  Activist divider?  Go fight with the establishment dividers.

Just stop wasting my time.  Stop wasting the time of the people who, imperfect as they are, wrong as they are, are working to make the world a better place.  Stop harping at the positive creators.  Stop yelling, stop screaming, stop commenting.  Because we are not interested, and every time we engage with you we regret it.

Of course, none of what I’m saying now will change you.  Of course you won’t stop.  Of course you’ll keep yelling.  That is the life you’ve chosen.  And perhaps, once things get bad enough for you, and you are surrounded only be other nasty, angry, complainers you will realize you’ve chosen a dark path.

But until then, just know: if you comment here, if you talk to me on the streets, if you try and get me to join your cause, be an acitivist…if you think that just because you share the same religion, same viewpoint, same political stance, as me… and I ignore you… don’t be surprised.  Don’t be shocked that I don’t acknowledge your existence or even acknowledge you once.

Because now you know: I have no time for you.





3 responses to “Dear Dividers: I Have No Time For You”

  1. Hesh Meister Avatar

    Save yourself the grief … delete them. 🙂

  2. ChaimJ Avatar

    Never argue with a fool – they will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience. – the Fool’s Law

    The enemies of freedom do not argue; they shout and they shoot…. William R. Inge

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