I’ve always found the “first world problems” meme very funny. Until I realized I also had first world problems.Continue Reading


I grew up feeling “white”, feeling like I was a part of the culture around me. But no matter how hard I tried, the world kept telling me I was different.Continue Reading


For years, the fear that I didn’t deserve to be heard, that I had no right to express myself, plagued me. What a shame.Continue Reading


I’ve experienced so many miracles in my life… which is why I’m so surprised that they alone aren’t enough to keep my faith alive.Continue Reading


A story about Johnny, the man who had the power to grow layer after layer of crust over himself, protecting him from all the pain of the world. #longreadContinue Reading


I had gotten used to exposing myself online with my writing. Which is why I was so blindsided when my old fear came back.Continue Reading


Are you a traditionalist? Are you a rebel? Which one is better?Continue Reading


There’s a difference between hate and disagreement. And more and more, we are accepting hate. It’s time for that to end.Continue Reading


A poem about how the beauty of the subway reflects my experience of G-d, Judaism, and religion in general.Continue Reading


Stories used to be the way civilizations communicated morality, a message, and their beliefs. America has lost that. But it doesn’t have to be this way.Continue Reading