I have bipolar. I had a manic episode where I could have hurt someone. But that does not mean I think mass shootings can be excused by mental health.Continue Reading


What is it about being religious that matters so much? How does it actually differ from being secular?Continue Reading


This was not the piece I was planning on writing today. But when you have to face an ugly side of yourself, maybe you should write about that.Continue Reading


Or gotten married. Yeesh.Continue Reading


A guest post by Eric Kaplan, writer for the Big Bang Theory and Futurama, in which he describes a bizarre conversation about faith he had (or did he?) with Elad.Continue Reading


A guest post by Luftmentsch about the depths of depression and how it can lead to wanting to end everything. *TRIGGER WARNING*Continue Reading


“I know we don’t listen to music during sefira, but a lot of people draw the line at live music,” he says…

“In our house, it’s very clear,” I respond.Continue Reading


“To all appearances, as individuals, American Jews have done quite well, but as a people, they are yet to create a common, inspiring future.”Continue Reading


Many Jews are suffering daily from mental health issues. Issues that could be easily treated, if only we focused on them. It’s time we did just that.Continue Reading


We live in a society that increasingly demands proof of success before creating art, starting a business or implementing any bold vision. That is a mistake.Continue Reading