Wanna know what the Chabad life is like (in GIF form)?

One of my top secrets recently informed me about an awesome blog.  It’s one of those classic Tumblr-style (read: hipster) blogs that some of us have seen around, the ones with the silly GIF images animating with a description to follow suit.

The beauty of Chabad and Chabadniks is that they, even if it’s on their own, in some rogue fashion, find a way to elevate most everything they come in contact with.   Chabad.org is the ultimate example.

But #chabadlife is a different sort of example.  Fun loving but still deep in its own way, it’s a great window into the life of a Chabadnik, as well as the intricacies and complications that world comes with.

It’s amazing what those little GIFs have the power to tell.  Here are a few of my favorites:

When Someone From The Opposite Sex Tries To Shake My Hand

I’m like,


24 And Not Married Yet


Men’s side:

Women’s side:


When A Non-Religious Jew Comes To Chabad For Simchat Torah

They’re like,

I Have Family In The Places That Are Orange

It’s stuff like this that really helps you appreciate how awesome art (that’s right, this is totally art) can be when it’s used in a creative way to share someone’s life and beliefs.  I hope the person who runs this blog (she wants to remain anonymous) keeps it going.  This stuff is just too awesome.

And don’t forget to check it out here: http://chabadlife.tumblr.com





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