About PopChassid.com

What is PopChassid.com?

Think Tao of Pooh with a Jewish twist. PopChassid.com examines the world of movies, art, and that beautiful thing called life to try and squeeze every ounce of G-dliness from it. It was created with the intention of helping us all realize that those things many of us consider distractions or even evil, G-d forbid, have the potential to raise us to enormous heights.

PopChassid.com believes that even if an artist does not mean to, she is injecting G-dliness into her work. Within all creations there is an element of good. Some creations reveal that good better than others. PopChassid.com intends to find those clearer revelations of truth and to pick them apart, to show how Hashem has revealed himself in the piece of work.

What isn’t PopChassid.com?

PopChassid.com is not a critical or theoretical website. It does not spend its time worrying about if a movie was well done or not. It will appreciate and note the beauty of a movie or piece of art, but it does not comment on the technical skill of the creator.

PopChassid.com is not a mind reader. It does not attempt to understand what the creator or creators of the work intended when creating the piece. Instead, PopChassid.com is simply interested in trying to derive lessons from a pure piece of art.

And what the heck is a Pop Chassid anyway?

Check out our What is a Pop Chassid? page.


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