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  • Jelly Bean Sins

    Jelly Bean Sins

    When I was just a little boy, I remember my Grandfather had diabetes. My mother explained that he couldn’t eat products with a lot of sugar. This would affect him negatively. It didn’t make much sense to my five year old mind. From my perspective, candy was good. It made me feel good, and it…

  • Mornings In Bed

    Mornings In Bed

    And I as I lay comfortably in bed, I begin to realize, this is death.

  • The Immense Power Of A Positive Imagination

    The Immense Power Of A Positive Imagination

    Our imaginations are powerful. They’re not built just for creating fiction stories. No. They turn fiction into non-fiction.

  • The Fight You Can’t Lose

    The Fight You Can’t Lose

    You’re fighting the most important fight of all, the fight of your life. It’s the fight of making every moment in your life count, of making your life meaningful, of passing the tests G-d throws at you and becoming a stronger, deeper more connected and enlightened person. Is there any bigger fight?

  • The Box in the Girl

    The Box in the Girl

    I say this to her because she doesn’t know where she’s going. She looks at me with these eyes that want answers. I understand because I also want answers. Yes, I know, I understand with her. I too, am with you, I was with you.