Jewish Artist of the Week: Yerachmiel Goldstein

This artist of the week is the perfect example of the potential that lies within the Jewish community to create beautiful, G-dly art.  I first heard about Yerachmiel Goldstein when I asked on the Pop Chassid Facebook page for recommendations for music.  Yerachmiel sent me some of his music, and I immediately fell in love.

Yerachmiel’s music is reminiscent of Bob Dylan and basically all great folk music from back in the day.  His music reverberates with real feeling and his lyrics are deeply connected to Torah concepts.  The best part about Yerachmiel’s music is that while trying to make it holy, he does not try to fit into any sort of musical box.  His music is creative, free and lively.

Right now Yerachmiel is a student at Mayanot.  If you love his music and want to hear more, please leave a comment and some love.  He’s only beginning his career so let’s give him some encouragement!

The Sun


A Trip Beyond



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5 responses to “Jewish Artist of the Week: Yerachmiel Goldstein”

  1. Shaina Avatar

    His music and songs are well composed and balanced

  2. Dovid Gottlieb Avatar
    Dovid Gottlieb

    He is going to be the next Bob Dylan…
    Yichi Hamelech 🙂

  3. hood Avatar

    They changed the pop on the chassid!

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  5. binance konto skapande Avatar

    Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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