You Already Read This

This blog is already written. I know for you it already is. But what I mean is that for me, right now, as I am writing it, it already exists.

G-d is beyond time. G-dliness is within everything. Everything, thus, already exists.


Michelangelo, he said something very simple. He said: “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” The angel, it already existed. It was in the marble, literally. It existed, it had life. All he did was help breathe into it.

This is how the world asks us to engage it. Whether we’re talking about blogs, statues or what to wear to work today. The world already exists. All we need to do is help bring it into existence.

When we believe that we are the source of creation, that means that when we feel dried up, there is simply nothing left. It means we can “run out of juice”, that somehow our creativity, our energy, our genius, is temporal. Ephemeral. Controlled by the external world.

But when we realize that the world is always flowing towards a reality that already exists, all we need to do is let go. All we need to do is work our friggin’ hardest and then understand that the rest is in G-d’s hands. Because, dude, it’s all G-d anyway.

When we think we are the one’s in control of our destinies, then the results will determine our worth. If we think that success equals hard work, then if we succeed without work, we will be satisfied. If we forget reality, the world will go on floating without us.

But when we always remember, never forget, that G-d’s world already exists, that all we’re trying to do is to tap into it, to bring it out, like water from a faucet, then the results don’t mean much besides that they can help guide us in the future. What will matter is the process.

Because that’s what it means that the blog already exists. It means that even as I write this blog, and even (or maybe especially) as I delete the lines that don’t work, that was how it was meant to be. Even before it was published on some blog. Even before your eyes glanced at it. As I’m writing it, that was the state it was meant to exist in.

When we know that our future is an angel in stone waiting to be brought out, all we need to do is learn how to be the best sculptor we can be. All we need to do is become our own personal Michelangelo.

And that means we can come out any state we want. Even if our angel is some weirdo with glasses that doesn’t like to talk. Even if our angel wants to go to law school. Even if our angel doesn’t fit in with the cool kids.

To realize that the angel already exists means, simply, that we are free-flowing, constantly perfect beings. All G-d asks from us is that we try.



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  1. Avromie Avatar

    Nice. Trippy and nice 🙂

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