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People think they’re being holy when they’re not being artistic. They’re wrong.Continue Reading


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Who knew a small moment on a random TV show would change the way I look at the world forever?Continue Reading


Natalia showed me her art and I immediately fell in love. Natalia’s work is clearly from the heart, deep and full of passion. The kabbalistic imagery is evocative of artists like Baruch Nachshon.Continue Reading


Do you have any idea what that’s like, I want to ask. To know you’ve hurt others with your own words. You’ve torn the world down. You’ve hurt people. If the pen is mightier than the sword then writers are killers.Continue Reading


What better way to introduce the Pop Chassid Jewish Artist of the Week than Yitzchok Moully: the “Chassidic Pop Artist”?Continue Reading


Is it possible to be creative and still be a Jew? Can I, a person filled with this passion in my heart – a passion that is alive, breathing, on fire – translate that passion into a piece of art without compromising my principles?Continue Reading


I say this to her because she doesn’t know where she’s going. She looks at me with these eyes that want answers. I understand because I also want answers. Yes, I know, I understand with her. I too, am with you, I was with you.Continue Reading