Natalia Kadish – Artist of the Week

I am extremely happy and excited to, first of all, be bringing back the Artist of the Week posts, and, second of all, to be introducing it with such an awesome artist.

I first heard about Natalia Kadish when I asked on the Chabadnik Crown Heights Craigslist if there were any artists there that would be interested in being featured on Pop Chassid.  Natalia showed me her art and I immediately fell in love.  Natalia’s work is clearly from the heart, deep and full of passion.  The kabbalistic imagery is evocative of artists like Baruch Nachshon.

Artists like Natalia are great to feature here because they are young, energetic and ready to change the world.  True Pop Chassids.  We need more like her.

Here is Natalia in her own words:

“Through art, I attempt to grasp the infinite, to embrace and expose its beauty. My illustrations are symbolic lessons I have learned through my experiences. The motivation behind my artistic expression is one of joyful universality. My goal in each piece of art is to take the viewer on a personal mini-journey bringing the viewer to an experience of the awakening and revealing the love of life that is with in. Every one has a unique love of life animating them. This needs to be revealed in order to spread inspiration. To take these physical aspects of reality and apply them to their spiritual counterpart shows that life, and these object’s, are not mundane; they truly are miracles of creation. I want the viewer to be inspired not just by my art, but by life it’s self.”

Natalia Kadish’s website:






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