Why Being Religious Matters

The world tends to be divided by most people into two dimensions of reality: time and space.  They are the two ways we interact with the world, the two dimensions that have allowed scientists to discover the secrets to so much depth and beauty in the world.

Kabbalah divides the world into three: space, time, and soul.  To kabbalists, souls are just as much a reality as time and space.

I think, perhaps, that most religions also have this idea inherently placed in their worldview. It makes sense, as for a religious person, there is always an appreciation for more than meets the eye: an idea that behind all this space and time, there is a screen hiding some sort of deeper reality.

I’ve come to realize, I think, that this difference in looking at the world is the key to understanding the difference between being religious and not being religious.  Between believing in “something more” and choosing to believe only in what we can see and measure.

For example, one creed we continually hear from atheists is, “What’s your proof? The burden is on you to prove there is a G-d, that there is something more out there, that you aren’t just praying to some Spaghetti Monster!”

For the longest time, it was hard for me to find a counter-argument to that.  I figured spirituality isn’t physical, and so you can never prove its existence.  G-d isn’t corporeal, so no matter what I tell you, I can’t prove that He is the ultimate reality to the world.

But then this kabbalistic idea… this idea that reality, the reality we deal with on a daily basis, is more than just time and space… helped me understand how, in a sense, I can prove G-d’s existence or at least why believing in the non-physical matters.

When only time and space are all you can use as proofs, then your hands are tied: there is only so much one can say.

But what if we include souls?  What if we include people (that is, beings with awareness and the ability to act on that awareness) in the equation?

Why, that changes everything.  It flies in the face of all the logic-speckled world that tells us, “No ad hominem! No looking at people and ‘judging’ them!”

But that’s the equation I think we’ve always been missing: the idea that people are, in fact, also the access-points to reality.  They aren’t just physical beings taking up space. They: their conciousness, their morality, their ideas, their souls… they are another level of reality, the windows into the spiritual world, into the non-physical plane of existence.

I say this because, as someone who grew up secular, agnostic, and begrudging of all things involving “organized religion”, I continuously found myself uninspired by the non-religious.  Sure, there were many good people around me, many people who I learned and grew from…

But nowhere, nowhere, were there any “Great People”.  Not people who simply accomplished a lot, but who were inspirational, who did things it’s almost impossible to believe a human could do.  People who sacrificed themselves to make the world a better place.  People who didn’t seem to be controlled by their physical surroundings and, instead, rose above them.

These people, it seemed, only existed in history books, on the news, or who wrote the books I loved.  There was no Martin Luther King Jr. There was no Bob Marley. No Leo Tolstoy. 

All my inspirations existed far away from me.  Not just far in time and space, but in soul.

At first, I thought it was a simple math equation: how many people could really be “Great People”, right?  How many people could transcend themselves and the world around them in a way no one else had done?  How many, seriously?

Then I lived with some Christian guys in college.  And I noticed a quality about them: it wasn’t greatness exactly… but it was almost like an attempt to be great.  An attempt to be better than who they were.  When they reacted out of anger, they worked hard to move beyond it, to elevate themselves above it.  They tried not to be “tempted” by things I simply considered the natural joys of life.

And then I connected with an orthodox, Hasidic rabbi at my college.  A man who had given up all his life, all his belongings and his personal desires, to fulfill a mission he had in life.  I didn’t agree with his position, I didn’t buy his religion (at first), but I felt like, for the first time in my life, I was touching something close to greatness.

I went to study with more orthodox Jews in Israel.  There I met people that finally matched up to Bob Marley.  To Tolstoy.  They were artists, in their way.  They were people that transcended every aspect of who they were and had become conduits for something greater.

That has never, ever happened to me with an atheist.  It has never happened with a secular person.  That’s not to say there are no good atheists or non-religious people.  Quite the opposite.  There are many.  Maybe more than religious folks.  But there are no Great People.

And I  don’t think that’s such a horrible thing to say.  It comes from a difference in perspective: the “scientific” perspective that we are limited, finite beings that can’t transcend ourselves.  That we exist only in time and space.  That what is “natural” is more relevant than what is “possible”.

That is why intelligence is so revered in the secular world.  People who are “dumb” or “uneducated” are looked down on, and those who can craft a brilliant argument, who can bring sources, who have proofs practically falling out their mouths… these are the people to be revered.

It is no wonder, then, that the secular world puts so much emphasis on technology and scientific advancement: in their minds, transcendence only exists externally, not internally.  It is something that can only exist in time and space, not the soul.

Religious, people, on the other hand, are simply not as interested in logic, or proofs, or even intelligence.  Although those things are always nice.  To them, there is one more element to the equation: the soul.  And thus transcendence comes from within, and not (only) from without.

The reason that “Great People” have almost exclusively been religious, or at least believed in G-d, is because they believed with all their hearts that they could transcend their physical existence.  They believed that their soul mattered much more than their bodies.

And so they acted in “unnatural” ways.  They did not aim to please only themselves or their families.  They sacrificed themselves for their beliefs, for their spirituality, for G-d.

Until the world accepts why it matters to be religious, to believe beyond physicality, we will continue to grow externally and have static internal lives.  Technology will advance and souls will wilt.  Science will jump ahead and morality will be static.

That is why religion matters.  Because it is the other part of the equation, the reality that must be tapped into to make us a better, a Greater, us.





72 responses to “Why Being Religious Matters”

  1. ChasidaYerushalmit Avatar

    I love. your. posts. Thank you for this insight.

  2. Rebecca K. Avatar
    Rebecca K.

    Okay, Elad, you know I’m a fan, but I’m going to respectfully disagree with you on this one. Yes, the vast majority of people who have inspired me are Believers, in G-d and in unique soul inside humans, but there are some people who haven’t been. Of this group, most of them are — when push comes to shove — mostly strongly agnostic rather than atheist. But they’d never call themselves “believers.”

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      I don’t think these are hard and fast rules. I present the idea as such because I think it’s the only way to really give it over in a short amount of time. But my point is really: if you believe in something larger than physicality (even if only vaguely, even if only in a small way), then that is the only way you could become “Great” because it is the only way you can transcend your physical limitations.

      It’s really about worldview. Do you TRULY believe that all there is is physicality? Do you REALLY believe that the soul is not real? If so, there’s simply no way to go beyond nature.

      1. Rebecca K. Avatar
        Rebecca K.

        I once asked someone who I felt lived a particularly upright life why they did after they shocked me by telling me they didn’t believe in G-d. They said it was because: 1) They believed this life was it for both themselves and everyone else. 2) They’d better not mess up it up since they wouldn’t get another chance.

        They seemed to feel that infinity didn’t apply to them, but to humanity as a species. Other people and our planet and so on would only exist without suffering and into the future if we all took responsibility for our actions. They felt empathy for others not out of some sense of their g-dliness, but out of their fragility, kind of like how we feel about a new baby who we instantly love and want to protect from harm.

        It’s a sense of the infinite — which you identified in your post — but it’s coming from a totally different place.

        1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

          I think we have to make a distinction here between “upright” and even “particularly upright” and “great”. I know it’s vague, but it’s the only word I can really use. I said in the post that someone can still be a good person, even a very good person if they aren’t religious. That’s not what my point is at all.

          I’m talking about going completely beyond ourselves. To take an extreme example: the way the Rebbe instituted dollars when he was in his 80s. The way Gandhi completely sacrificed himself for a larger cause. The way MLK Jr. put his life in constant risk to improve the world for his people. The way Tolstoy sacrificed so much and inspired so many.

          That’s what I mean. Completely beyond humanity. It’s human to help each other, normal even. It’s definitely a refined human that can be very good to others, no question. But it’s not beyond. I think there’s a big difference.

          1. Rebecca K. Avatar
            Rebecca K.

            I’m a total cynic. Most, not all, of the people who are famous for going beyond themselves end up disappointing me. The only thing that inspires me in people really is how they treat people on the smallest scale. To me that is true greatness.

          2. Elad Nehorai Avatar

            I hear that. Bob Marley was a notorious womanizer, for example.

            That’s why I think I understood it much better when interacting with others in Israel and beyond. And many of those people disappointed me too. But what I realized is that (and maybe this is more accurate) by attaching ourselves to something greater, we can DO GREAT THINGS. I think that’s really it, on reflection. It’s not that we ourselves are necessarily great, it’s that by attaching ourselves to something great, we can accomplish things we couldn’t if we didn’t attach ourselves to that.

            There’s no question that MLK, Marley, Ghandi, etc, weren’t perfect. But they did amazing things, and IMO it was because of their belief in something beyond physicality.

          3. Rebecca K. Avatar
            Rebecca K.

            What you’re saying totally has a basis in Tanach. One of my children, we call “Paltiel.” The scholar Palti ben Laish was only able to conquer his yetzer because he relied on G-d, so he was given G-d’s name to attach to his own. (The episode appears in the Book of Shmuel.) Batya reached her arm out to Moshe, and G-d stretched it so that she could reach something she couldn’t according to the laws of nature. Dovid HaMelech mentions this in Tehillim frequently — he only conquered the Philistines, evaded King Saul, and so on because he clung to G-d’s coattails, so to speak.

          4. Elad Nehorai Avatar

            Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. There’s also the idea that before you add the “Aleph” to “Adam” you just have “Dam”… blood. It is G-d that takes us beyond just physical form.

      2. Infidel Avatar

        “Do you TRULY believe that all there is is physicality? ”

        Yes. And unless you can show otherwise in some sort of concrete way I’ll continue to believe that.

        “Do you REALLY believe that the soul is not real? If so, there’s simply no way to go beyond nature.”

        Again, why would I think otherwise, other than wishful thinking?

  3. Harvard J. Nasty, Esq. Avatar
    Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

    “Religious, people, on the other hand, are simply not as interested in logic, or proofs, or even intelligence.”

    This quote, grammatical error included, sums up religious brainwashing.

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      LOL oh dear, this comment is so beyond ironic.

      1. Harvard J. Nasty, Esq. Avatar
        Harvard J. Nasty, Esq.

        Care to elaborate? Or will you just stick to snarky comments?

        1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

          Considering that your comment was disrespectful, thoughtless, and not elaborated on, I think I’m much more inclined to simply delete the entire conversation.

  4. DantheMan999 Avatar

    The self is actually all that we have immediate experience of, so if one wants to be sceptical it is really the scientific world beyond the self that one should doubt. This thought can help us understand why religious people have the firmest foundation, and the greatest rationality for their outlook.

  5. Andrew M Avatar
    Andrew M

    Elad, great blog! I completely agree about needing to believe in something larger than physicality in order to transcend that physicality (gotta love a good paradox–one of my favourites is St. Augustine’s “I believe in order to understand”–so much wiser than the modern, proof-bound inversion of that: “I know; therefore, I believe.” Kierkegaard had the right idea too, with his leap of faith.)

  6. Phil Silverman Avatar
    Phil Silverman

    Elad, by any chance, might you be thinking of the Klausenberger Rebbe, who lost eleven children in the Holocaust but went on to found Laniado Hospital?

  7. Petunia Avatar

    However it’s rationalized, you’ve left out the part about the sect where most people believe that the souls of one ethnicity are more powerful than everyone else’s. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, and I appreciate your choice to write so inclusively, but I can’t get past this.

    1. Chaya-Bracha Rubin Avatar
      Chaya-Bracha Rubin

      Petunia, I am curious to know where you learned that Jews believe their souls are “more powerful” than others’.

      The Jewish people were given more mitzvot than any other nation, so we have a responsibility and opportunity that other people do not have. The nations of the world must keep the Noahide Laws, but they have no obligation to keep Shabbos, kosher, etc. This does not make us “better,” than anyone; everything that G-d created has its special place in the world and — without question — we must treat every person and creature (animal, insect, plant) with respect and kindness.

      That being said, the Jewish people have an undeniably unique role. We are given a greater opportunity to do G-d’s will through learning Torah and performing mitzvot. But it’s called the “yoke” of Torah for a reason. Hashem asks us to live up to very high standards, and working toward fulfilling those standards can be extremely challenging. It is our duty, but also our privilege to try.

      This privilege is not something that any of us worked for. It is an “accident” of birth, a gift from G-d. Anyone from any nation is allowed to convert to Judaism if they sincerely long for this gift as well.

      See this article “Isn’t It Racist To Believe That Jews Are Special?” by Tzvi Freeman for more on this subject: http://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/520294/jewish/Isnt-It-Racist-To-Believe-That-Jews-Are-Special.htm

      1. Petunia Avatar

        Chaya-Bracha, Thank you so much for taking the time to pen such a deeply considered and beautifully articulated response. However, I would like to point out that I used the word “sect” and am not referring to Judaism as a whole. There is often a disconnect between the subtleties of a theology and the cultures that arise from it, and while you may speak on behalf of Lubavitchers who embrace a “separate but equal” worldview, you cannot tell me with a straight face that everyone does. Apples and oranges as it is, were we to look at more insular sects, an “us versus them” mentality is undeniably even more palpable, but it is absolutely engendered here, too. Without taking the eyebrow-raising lines from the Tanya out of context, let’s just imagine what happens to children as a result of not just having Jewish pride and identity encouraged and reinforced at every turn, but watching anything that shouldn’t be in the house rejected as “goyishe.” Let’s imagine the results of having every other complex culture reduced to “the goyim,” a mentality that’s not helped by a crippling lack of secular education for boys. Let’s consider that all of those Negative Nancies leaving comments on COL aren’t one embittered troll with a zillion pen names, that comments pour in asserting that any Jewish criminal that makes the local headlines isn’t “really” Jewish or that we need to rally behind one of our own no matter what havoc they wreaked on a “goy.” Let’s remember that only the most enlightened of Lubavitchers don’t get to “are you Jewish” very early in the first conversation, and don’t pretend that it doesn’t matter on a far more visceral level than whether or not to offer tefillin. Do you know how many of today’s adults were literally taught at school that “goyim” don’t have a full range of emotions? Do you honestly think every Crown Heights mom would respond to their child’s non-Jewish girlfriend or boyfriend with a nuanced discussion about different roles and Jewish continuity (or even consider the feelings of the “non-Jew” for a split second,) or is the thought itself usually preceeded with a Chas V’Shalom? Chaya-Bracha, I could write a book. You probably could, too. Chabad.org paints a very pretty picture to the outside world, but the reality, in Crown Heights, at least, is far more complex. Maybe the Rebbe was above it, but many of us aren’t, and if we continue to trade in rationalizations, nothing will change.

  8. Ben Avatar

    Being spiritual matters more than being religious.

  9. Tuvia Avatar

    I am part of the very important Debbie downer crowd.

    I am profoundly grateful to those Germans who, when told they were descended from the divine and part of a master race with a great destiny said “no thanks.”

    Same thing for those who didn’t buy into the communist ideas about inevitable destiny of their way and that “communism was obviously superior and the truth and the West decadent and weak.”

    At least when all the “inspired” communists locked up dissenters, would not permit anyone to leave the country, and took great pleasure in not permitting any outside information or ideas into the country – these “uninspired” folks didn’t participate in supporting this prison nation of inspired believers.

    The Christians used to REALLY be inspired, and so we had the Inquisition and Crusades.

    The Enlightenment with its pesky (downer) of an idea that tradition, belief, prophecy and revelation were not reliable guides to the truth took some of the air out their “inspired” thinking. Thank G-d.

    (We have Spinoza to thank for that – and of course we know how the Jews reacted to this Debbie Downer. Excommunicated. How nerve-tingling! The passion!)

    Elad –

    As usual I very much enjoy and appreciate your stone cold honesty. But I think you should consider reading a secular, high-school dropout, Jew named Eric Hoffer who wrote a classic (just his musings, but a classic text) called The True Believer.

    No one likes to look at mass movements and deconstruct them. Because it takes all the inspiration out of them.

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      I love that book. And as the author himself says in the introduction, he wasn’t making a judgement about mass movements. He didn’t say that they’re inherently bad or that there is something wrong with them. In fact, he was siding with another mass movement, if anything: the capitalist fight against communism.

      Anyway, the point he was making was about how mass movements get started and how they work. If you look at that from a religious sense, it actually makes sense that there would be mechanics to it. In fact, you could argue Hashem built us that way for a reason.

      The bigger question is WHY the mass movements are happening and who is behind them. And if they are true.

      1. Tuvia Avatar

        Capitalism and communism are quite different, though. Communism with a big C is much more repressive. Can’t travel abroad (like Cuba today), can’t gain exposure to outside information or voices, must agree or go to labor camp for life.

        I’ve already outlined in other posts how I believe communism and orthodox Judaism are similar.

        I have spent a lot of time in the past around inspiring Jews. They certainly exist, in a sense.

        But the ideas of Judaism are inferior to the ideas of the Enlightenment. How do I know? In the enlightened world, you can read anyone, learn anything, discuss with anyone (OJ has a category of apikorsos or heresy, and outside voices are not invited in.)

        Let me ask you directly: why be Jewish? I have spent many Shabbats at frum homes. I see the inspiration and the sense that frum living rocks. But, if we just think a little more about it, it is certainly problematic.

        The ideas are definitely problematic. You and I know that they are, and that is the very reason that frum kids are “protected” from outside voices and information and ideas (like communist kids were in the USSR.)

        We know the Enlightenment was amazing. We know it, because all we have to do is look at this country and say to ourselves: wow. All of these people living together amicably. Women leaders. Black leaders. Feminists and conservatives, all living peacefully. Gay dads, lesbian moms, amicably living. Think what you want, don’t abridge the rights of other. Let them feel and be and we can discuss and learn and it’s all ok.

        Compare to any religion: think like us or lose your place in the world to come. Judaism says gays should basically die. Sure, you can mess with the interpretation, but the letters of Torah are pretty plain. Women cannot be judges or witnesses. Women are basically property.

        Why – outside of the inspiration and haimeshness of it all – do we embrace an inferior system? I used to meet women all the time in Israel who bought into it all lock, stock and barrel – but why? Could it be that Hoffer was correct? Because he has a lot to say about movements. I haven’t read the book in a year or so, but I think his analysis is an indictment of how movements work. The deception, the rules about learning from the “outsider.” The idea of a connection to eternity. The mental manipulation of vulnerable people. (And we are all vulnerable.)

        Some poor kid was wandering around Germany in 1927, feeling aimless, and he glommed on to Nazism with its truly, truly inspiring message about being a member of a special, master race. With a thousand year plan. Descended from the divine. Not to mix blood with inferior races.

        It must have felt amazing. The youth rallies, the greater cause, the feeling of destiny.

        The Enlightenment should have cured us of this peculiar need. At least it should have educated us: ah! Here we go again! Another movement that answers all of my questions!

        Why don’t we, as modern people and Jews, say: why do I have all of these questions, and why do I need these answers? What does it say about me, and not about what is true or not true? How come that guy over there seems “ok” without having a system like Judaism to determine his life? What does it say about me, and my needs? How come I have trouble, and all the BTs I know have trouble, acknowledging what is going on underneath all the public reasons, in my own darkest corners – to explain my need for this mass movement?

        There are frum Jews who specifically studied modern biblical criticism – some with the idea of destroying its ideas. (Guys like Dudu Cohen, Jacob Wright, James Kugel, Marc Brettler, Zev Farber, and probably a dozen more I don’t know) These guys – after really immersing themselves in the actual work of MBC came away saying the Torah was written over hundreds of years. Apparently, it takes more than a popular book to discuss this intelligently, so it takes a graduate education. Oh well.

        Why aren’t we delighted at this? The end of the idea of religions’ thought crimes.

        Why are we inspired by systems like Judaism?

        We know people have been inspired by all kinds of systems with their own “great thinkers,” and great people. We know this is very true in history.

        If you speak to a real Mormon, he has plenty of wonderful role models. So do Scientologists. And Hare Krishnas, and small cult leaders.

        Why are we so ensorceled with this idea of inspirational people?

        Why can’t we see that we are psychological beings, and it is our own needs that drive us to be delighted around these folks?

        That the claim “Judaism is TRUE,” has nothing to do with its truth. It has everything to do with our NEEDS? Just like the claim of every participant of every mass movement has always been about something besides its truth content, or its provability? Every suicide bomber thinks he is doing the right thing, but the rest of us know better. How does that work, and how do those suicide-bomber-heading-for-heaven feelings relate to me? To my feelings of being inspired?

        What do you think?

  10. Infidel Avatar

    That someone is inspired to greatness because they believe that there is more to this life than the physical world which we can understand through science says nothing to the truth of their beliefs. And btw. The religious don’t get to hijack greatness & sacrifice to their fellow man as something that is exclusive to those that believe in the supernatural.

  11. […] it makes sense.  A person who has that light, they are a natural force, no different than time and space.  They have access to reality on a level that so many others do not.   And if we want to access […]

  12. linmalki Avatar

    May I quote you briefly in my own blog? Some people are afraid to “be religious” because they think they will become less themselves. I think you’re totally right, that we only become what we were uniquely created to be through a relationship with the Creator.

    1. Elad Nehorai Avatar

      Of course! Loved both your comments, btw.

      1. linmalki Avatar

        Some of the comments have assumed that it is the belief itself that adds the extra dimension, that it’s a case of “positive thinking” on your part. No, the point is that you are giving up your own finite thinking and submitting to a power outside of yourself. But be careful–just because something is “outside” does not mean it is Good.

  13. VW Guy Avatar
    VW Guy

    Historically, religion has been at the root of just about all the horrible things that humans have done to one another. I believe that humanity is evolving away from religion, more slowly than I would like perhaps.

    It’s cute when children look to their imaginary friends for advise, downright scary when groups of adults do it.

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