Guest post by Yerachmiel Goldstein

“I am the eternal your G-d, who took you out of the land of Mitzrayim, out of the house of slavery” – Yisro 20:2

I was out of work for some time. And when one is out of work, it’s hard not to feel worthless, abnormal, desperate, strange, past your prime, cynical, subordinate, like an outcast and very useless. I was literally ready to take anything that wouldn’t affect my name, my family and cause me any problems to my future. I soon noticed a position which looked to be like many other positions I had seen prior, but more flexible. Here was a job that paid $350 a week to work as a part time assistant. I said “Oh, this looks like a reasonable job.” I applied and soon enough I received an overwhelmingly warm response that went something like “Hi my name is Ms. so and so, after carefully reviewing your resume you seem perfect for the job. I am so happy to have you on board! May you have a blessed day.”

She seemed like she jumped her gun a little but maybe she just felt like I was the right one? I mean I knew I was qualified but I didn’t think that I was perfect. But maybe she was right, maybe I was perfect? My self esteem rose just a little bit on the mountain of uncertainty. The email continued to say that she was a divorced mother with two kids. In addition, she recently had a very reliable assistant who had left her to go back to Scandinavia.

 “You must not have any gods of others as long as I exist “ – Yisro 20: 3. Rashi explains, “which are not gods, but that others have made them for gods over themselves.”

Well, I guess she really needed my help. If I didn’t take it, who would? I was reliable, young and apparently perfect, but I had to be logical. What was I to do? I did think it was strange that she mentioned she was divorced with two kids. None of my other job responses, if I did have any responses, mentioned anything about being divorced with kids. But, I was young and stupid and ready to take the next step in attaining this job that I was apparently perfect for.

First assignment, pick up various miscellaneous articles. She lists the items and explains that an orphanage in Europe badly needs them. This was something that was both easy and admirable. I was now working for someone helping orphans in need. My self esteem went up another rung on the ladder of lowliness.

“Kelipah, the forces of unholiness, does not posses any intrinsic form of true existence. It is a non-entity.” – Reishis Goyim Amalek, The Previous Rebbe

She responded a day or two later that the orphanage had no more need for the supplies. Okay, well I was sure she has other things for me to do, I said to myself. She responded that all she needed was for me to send a check to the orphanage in Europe. I would simply deduct my pay from the check and send the rest of the money through Western Union. Well, that certainly would be the easiest job I’ve ever done. However, I was becoming a bit suspicious.

I emailed her asking where she lived, since we never met, and never had an interview, and she never asked for any references. She said Rhode Island. I said, “Okay”. Just to make sure, I then asked a friend of mine to look over the email she sent. He said, “Scam.” I said “What?” He said, “Scam,” and explained how they would get into my account and take all my money and I would never hear from Ms. So and So again.

“When you ain’ got nothing, you got nothing to lose” – Bob Dylan

I paused and sat back looking at the email once again. All the images I had developed in my head of Ms. So and so, and her kids, and her divorce, and the European Orphanage, and the Scandinavian assistant and the job, and the $350, and me being kind and perfect had never really existed.

So now what was I left with? Basically, with whatever I had before. I was still jobless but was left with more than what I would have had had I fallen for Ms. So and So’s “very easy job.” And so, with little to my account and back to the job search, I see that this is the way of the world.

There are forces of evil like Ms. So and So who will make you feel perfect when you’re most vulnerable and then take all your money and run off to Scandinavia with their assistants. But, she wasn’t real. She was only a temporary creation that will forever remain on Craigslist until some other vulnerable searcher relies on her instead of the one on high. The one who supplies you with everything you need, which is that which you already have.





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