5 Videos To Remind You That People Are Awesome

Can I be honest for a moment?  After I write some of my more controversial and slightly ranty posts, I always feel depressed for a few days.  Was it worth it?  Was something accomplished?  I got a bunch of people angry, and got people talking.  I hope in my head that people are thinking differently after the post, but you never know.

And sometimes, with blogs like that, it can feel like the world just stinks.  Like it’s full of angry, pissed off people and that you’ll always just be fighting ugliness.

Yesterday, I was feeling that a bit after seeing some reactions to my “Blurry Glasses” piece, and I felt like I needed a reminder that the world is actually an amazing place and that the people in it are beautiful.  That the anger we focus on sometimes is not all there is.

It helped.  And I figured I’d share my five favorites.  I hope you enjoy them.  They gave me a lot of hope.

P.S. – Thanks to Reddit for being my guide to finding these videos.

1. Two Special People

2. A Good Samaritan


3. Bringing Joy To Random People

4. Man Helping Old Lady


5. Keep Moving





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