We have become so dependent on rationality that we have made ourselves stupid. It is time to become smart again. But to do that, we need to stop relying on our brains.Continue Reading


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How a simple video game review written by Elliott Smith changed my life and taught me why art mattered.Continue Reading


A post that examines why you think your dreams/desires/needs are impossible, and why you need to stare this impossibility straight in the face and go to war with it.Continue Reading


It is time I admit it: almost everything important I do is motivated by anger. And yet my mission is to create a world where people build rather than destroy. How can these two possibly coexist?Continue Reading


Mental health activists have been fighting a winning war for more awareness for their cause. But there have been unintended consequences to their success.Continue Reading


I’m trying to live a life that I’ve been afraid of living for years. I’m trying to push forward a movement in the Jewish world. And I have no idea if I’m right to do either one.Continue Reading


Two minutes ago a man yelled “Sieg Heil!” at me and did the Nazi salute. But let me start from the beginning.Continue Reading


Man, do artists love the myth of drug dependence and emotional instability being the key to unlocking their creativity. Only one problem: they’re dangerously wrong.Continue Reading


About the last time I wasn’t fat, then how I got fat, then how I started to stop being fat again. And also, why it matters to the way we all approach weight loss.Continue Reading