This isn’t a post about whether women should wear tefillin. It’s a post about liberal Judaism, and why so many of us ran away from it.Continue Reading


Israel, we have always been in love. But from so far away, with the voices of the media and politics ringing in my ears, your image is getting blurred.Continue Reading


I’ve always found the “first world problems” meme very funny. Until I realized I also had first world problems.Continue Reading


I grew up feeling “white”, feeling like I was a part of the culture around me. But no matter how hard I tried, the world kept telling me I was different.Continue Reading


For years, the fear that I didn’t deserve to be heard, that I had no right to express myself, plagued me. What a shame.Continue Reading


I’ve experienced so many miracles in my life… which is why I’m so surprised that they alone aren’t enough to keep my faith alive.Continue Reading


A story about Johnny, the man who had the power to grow layer after layer of crust over himself, protecting him from all the pain of the world. #longreadContinue Reading


I had gotten used to exposing myself online with my writing. Which is why I was so blindsided when my old fear came back.Continue Reading


Are you a traditionalist? Are you a rebel? Which one is better?Continue Reading


There’s a difference between hate and disagreement. And more and more, we are accepting hate. It’s time for that to end.Continue Reading