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  • Jewish Artist of the Week: Yerachmiel Goldstein

    Jewish Artist of the Week: Yerachmiel Goldstein

    The best part about Yerachmiel’s music is that while trying to make it holy, he does not try to fit into any sort of musical box. His music is creative, free and lively.

  • Take Off Your Costume

    Take Off Your Costume

    She wasn’t perfect, beautiful and pure like Snow White. And that made her fly into a rage. The poor queen. If only she knew. If only she understood.

  • Free The Jewish Artist!

    Free The Jewish Artist!

    Is it possible to be creative and still be a Jew? Can I, a person filled with this passion in my heart – a passion that is alive, breathing, on fire – translate that passion into a piece of art without compromising my principles?

  • Listen


    Through our whole lives, we walk like zombies, ignoring the sound that rages inside of us. We think we are cut off from the vibrations of the universe, the world beyond and within. We think we are humans of flesh and blood. We live in a world of how and no why, a world where…

  • The Box in the Girl

    The Box in the Girl

    I say this to her because she doesn’t know where she’s going. She looks at me with these eyes that want answers. I understand because I also want answers. Yes, I know, I understand with her. I too, am with you, I was with you.

  • The Second Sentence

    The Second Sentence

    To write the first sentence means to be a mensch. It means you’ve let go of the ropes binding you and you’ve jumped forward into a whole new world. But what about the other sentences?

  • Dead Poets Society: Seize the Desk!

    Dead Poets Society: Seize the Desk!

    At the beginning of the Dead Poet’s Society everyone is sitting. Sitting. Sitting. They’re handed text books. Told to do this. Then that. Then this again. Then John Keating shows up. The very first thing he does is makes them stand up. He takes them into another room. Shows them the pictures of people long…

  • Flow


    We need to move, because if we don’t we’re not Jews, we’re not people, and we’re not fulfilling our purpose in life.

  • The Best Job In The World

    The Best Job In The World

    Usually I don’t like jobs. Mostly because they involve work. And doing things. And being bossed around. But this job is different. I’m actually pumped to do it. And, who knows, I might actually stay excited.

  • Confessions of a Jewish Blogger

    Confessions of a Jewish Blogger

    Pop Chassid has a problem. On one hand, it tries to use the modern world to its advantage. To raise up the world of movies and art. On the other, the world of movies and art violates Jewish ideals to an almost absurd degree.