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An experience as a 16 year old that involved dolphins, a German Lady, and a complete change in spiritual perspective.Continue Reading


This was not the piece I was planning on writing today. But when you have to face an ugly side of yourself, maybe you should write about that.Continue Reading


The other day, I walked in on my daughter getting bullied. I’m still in pain over it.Continue Reading


Part 1 of a two part series on the power of rebellion and why baal teshuvas especially, should embrace it.Continue Reading


There the man was, spouting off about intermarriage. And, man, did I want to tell him he was an idiot.Continue Reading


What smashing a pizza against my friend’s car taught me about anger.Continue Reading


Two months ago, I wrote a blog post that made me want to quit blogging. Today, my latest blog post is going viral. Here’s what I learned in between.Continue Reading


It was 4 AM. I was coming home from the hospital, where my wife had just given birth. Then this happened.Continue Reading


It was fifth grade, and I just wanted to fit in. The perfect recipe for me to do something really, really stupid.Continue Reading


A story about how my first visit to the Ohel (the Rebbe’s resting place) changed my life. And this blog.Continue Reading